My name is Jen and I’m a bake-oholic.

Hello, my name is JenHello and welcome to Baked into Submission!  If you’re a baker, a dessert lover or you like dessert porn, you’re in good company.

As the title suggests, my name is Jen and I really do love to bake. I remember my first baking experience quite well. I was 8 years old when I attempted to make a birthday cake for my dad. Somehow I got confused (Ha! Somehow. I say that as if I’m not easily confused.) and added flour to a boxed cake mix. I ended up with a not-so-good brownie-cake….and a burnt-out motor in the mixer I used.  Sorry, Mom!  Well, I think I’ve improved a little since then, which is good for everyone except KitchenAid, who will no longer be getting more money from burnt-out mixer motors.

Originally from the Bay Area, I currently live in Southern Oregon with my husband, preschool-aged son and two cats.  My family and I are very outdoorsy and we enjoy camping, hiking, fishing and whatever else we can do around here. I’m also a foodie and love going to great restaurants and food festivals. Fortunately, I live in a perfect spot for both. Right now I’m a stay-at-home mom and volunteer, but I’ll be starting up school again soon to work my way toward earning a Master’s degree, which will keep me pretty darn busy.  I find baking to be very therapeutic for me and by creating this blog, I’m able to pursue three things I thoroughly enjoy and strive to improve: baking, photography and writing.

So grab some coffee, a glass of wine or a beer and stay a while.  And remember: Life’s short. Eat dessert first. ;o)

Thanks for visiting!

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